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Friday, May 20, 2011

Rock the Runway for Education

Just participated in the 2011 Rock the Runway for Education fashion show in Fayetteville, Arkansas and it was so amazing!

Hair for Rock the Runway Provided By
Studio 8
Enrich Salon
Shag Salon
Shine Salon
Makeup for Rock the Runway Provided By
Jodi Franklin
Scott Edwards
Josephine Jukee Lee
I was dressed by a local boutique MACA and my hair was styled by Ruth at Shag Salon. MACA is located off of Joyce blvd and Shag Salon is located on Block street. Shag Salon is so beautiful in the inside. It reminds me of Soho New York!! I was very pleased and excited bout my divalicious/lioness hair.

Shag SalonMaca Clothing

                                        Divalicious Hair by Ruth Shag Salon
They used alot of hair spray on my Bobbi Boss Indi Remi (side eye) but I guess it was necessary for the sexy lion look. LOL

Oh and by the way, you will never guess the gift we received.....Covergirl makeup!! I was in heaven and I am currently playing around in all of my goodies now! In the passed year, I started wearing high pigment lipsticks and was gifted some really pretty colors for the summer all by Covergirl. I 'm normally a MAC girl but i will say that Covergirl has some really nice products for those frugal divas out there. I was lucky enough to be the only African-American model so I racked up on the Queen Collection foundation in "Golden Honey." This product is really light which is great for the summer and gives you a really fresh look. Go ahead Queen Collection by Covergirl!! I am sold on you...well at least until my stash runs out. LOL  


  1. So excited about your blog page since I am fashion/makeup challenged. Please do tell me more about this high pigment lipstick business?!?

  2. Was going to try and be the first to comment but it's ok. Do your thing love! Hope that this turns into something great!!!

  3. Carnita I'm so proud of you. Continue doing BIG things girlie! I need to get your number again... I may need your assistance on a project.

  4. You are pretty with or without covergirl or mac!! Love u

  5. Thank you girls for all the love...
    @DatGurltosha: High pigment lipstick means it just has alot of color when you apply it to your lips. I might show the ones I got yesterday, I just need a better camera lol